Cerchi-Amo is whatever you make it…in your living room or office:
A desk organizer, a tray, a pocket emptier, a table centerpiece, a jewelry tray, …





A circle is a line that turns around on itself, and this inspired the design of our marble tray Cerchi-Amo.

Our marble tray Cerchi-Amo can be the stage for a vase or any other home or office accessory: we complemented it with Easy, our clear glass vase available in several sizes.

It’s made of two pieces that can be complementary or used separately. The larger circle “Cerchi” comes in white marble while the smaller circle “Amo” comes in white or other color options.


Cerchi-Amo is so versatile that it can change its role in a heartbeat. It greats you displayed on your main entrance console, takes the centerstage at your dinner table or holds your jewelry in your bedroom, highlights a piece of furniture in your living room or sits on your desk at work.

Each piece is handcrafted patiently and carefully by our master artisans, after being selected from marble that is the most beautiful, the most desired, at times even the rarest – available in nature in limited quantities.

These raw materials are authentic masterpieces created by nature, each with its own characteristics that we try to highlight – in keeping with our concept of sustainable design – reclaiming leftovers or broken slabs that would no longer be utilized.

Marble and stone are created by nature and are therefore unique: possible variations to the images displayed on our website, confirms the authenticity of the product.

Each piece is unique and numbered to guarantee that your Cerchi-Amo is one of a kind.

Cerchi-Amo marble trays by SlowDesign44 are handcrafted with passion and care by our local master artisans.

Read the story of our master artisans.

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