the marble and its giants

MARBLE WORKER_ the marble and its giants

<< Even though we modernized our techniques we stay true to the artisanal values, mastering every aspect of the job. >>

the marble

MARBLE WORKER_ the marble and its giants_stories

The process of working with marble and other natural stones is challenging and complicated.
Their studio was established by their grandfather right before the First World War.


the marble workers


The craftsmanship displayed by Giancarlo, Valter and Roberto is the result of a lifetime spent in their father’s and uncle’s studio, starting with smallest tasks which prepared them to be the master artisans of today.


Two characteristics are apparent:


– They are all very tall – the youngest is  6.6 ft. tall –


– for their job


Three “tall men”, handling – on a daily basis – slabs of marble weighing hundreds of pounds and still able to get excited despite the hard work. From their venetian town, their artwork reaches the most elegant homes around the world. They also value the same quality and attention to detail from other artisans.

The little shop started by their father and uncle has evolved into a cutting-edge studio. Modern tools alleviate the fatigue, speed up the production and make the process much safer; what hasn’t changed is their artisan thought process.

They were able to protect the secrets of their art; they refined the knowledge of natural stone and marble, and learned to consider the expressive power of each type of stone and appreciate the potential of each slab.

They all know the process completely. From extraction to final transformation and installation, yet they each specialize in individual activities – from connecting with the customers, to selecting and acquiring the raw materials, from studying each material and deciding how to cut it to obtain the best result, to finding a solution for the most demanding projects.

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