THE BLOWING GLASS LABORATORY_ the ability in a blow

” We are “home and workshop”: our lives turns around our family house. “

the glass

THE BLOWING GLASS_ the ability in a blow_stories

It’s not a “glass factory” rather it’s a studio where we blow borosilicate glass:
it’s a light glass, clear, hard and cold and heat resistant.

the artistry in a puff


It’s a small family business located in a village in Lombardy and is operated by five brothers who aim to preserve the artistry started by their parents.

Their glass blowing studio is precisely what you’d call “work from home”: a well organized area within their residence, with a tastefully manicured garden.

A clearly defined area, quiet and organized: each one of the blowing stations is spotless and perfectly organized, with all the tools required to blow the glass properly hanging within reach.  


What surprises us about this art, is the transparency yet the hardness of the glass, the complex manual glassforming technique to shape the glass yet the lightness of the pieces, the artistic quality yet the practical use of the objects.

Our trusted glassblowing artisans create the clear glass collection called Easy:

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